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As a former airline employee with a passion for travel and an incurable romantic, becoming a romance travel planner was a natural step in my career. I love helping busy clients plan their dream romantic vacation, whether that be for a honeymoon, destination wedding, intimate elopement or milestone wedding anniversary trip.


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All destination wedding guests made it to the resort, sunshine and my brides dream wedding day plans are carried out to the smallest detail!!


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"Linda Dancer and her team at Honeymoons, Inc. were amazing! We originally booked our honeymoon and wedding on our own and thought "Why would we need a travel agent, it's not that hard to book a resort online." Wow, was I wrong! I honestly can say that if you even remotely think the same as me, don't do it! Call Linda and her team NOW! They always tell you "Travel Agents" don't charge you anything, its a free service. Well, that is correct - except what you may not realize is that they can SAVE money, time and stress in ways you've never imagined! I can 100% state that our honeymoon and wedding would have not happened without having Linda as our travel agent. Not only did she have amazing response time, she also had so much knowledge and most importantly her connections! In this Covid-19 world we now live in, we didn't think our wedding would take place with it being at a different resort than where we were staying especially when travel outside resorts was prohibited at the time. Linda coordinated between the two General Mangers (on her own, without being asked), and made it happen. When we arrived we were treated like royalty and there were several surprises that she orchestrated that we didn't expect and were shocked. We were able to have the wedding and honeymoon we envisioned and couldn't be happier! I am now a huge believer in travel agents... but not just any travel agent "


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